As an industry leader with global outreach Dan offers a unique perspective and insights on the arts and science of marketing and product development with a strategic and expanding domain mix. His multifaceted background in brand development, packaging, CX, and marketing, combined with his years of digital experience in UX, PX, product development, product management along with his understanding of CPG and retail seamlessly infused with his ability to innovate and formulate disruption makes him unparalleled in the industry in many ways.

Dan is an expert in leading large-scale and complex multichannel initiatives from concept to commercialization. He is a seasoned strategist with proven go-to-market execution and profitable growth through product lifecycles, resource and P&L management. 

He is well trained in building and leading cross-functional organizations and processes guided by KPIs with quantifiable results. An engaging storyteller and problem solver with versatile tactical and strategic toolsets focused on disruptive innovation, MarTech, and design thinking.

As a thought leader Dan offers 20+ years of progressive experience and a strategic industry mix that primarily includes retail, pharmaceutical and agency. During his career he got the opportunity to develop, lead and launch countless omnichannel marketing campaigns and several multi-billion dollar brands. His award winning work has been recognized around the world.

Dan started out his career with Bristol-Myers Squibb, a legendary fortune 150 pharmaceutical company based out of New York. He joined Havas Group in 2008 and worked on several marketing initiatives. He later went on to work for major retailers like Petsmart (Arizona) and Shopko (Wisconsin). Dan currently heads the UX and Product Management for Dollar Tree/Family Dollar (Virginia), a fortune 150 retailer that is considered to be the top player in the discount channel retail with over 16k stores.

Along with a strategic domain mix, Dan offers top of the line educational background with a bachelors degree in graphic design from Troy University, a masters degree in Design Management (MBA+) from the prestigious Pratt Institute, New York, an executive certification in Management from Harvard Business School, and an executive certification in Product Development and Innovation from MIT Sloan School of Management. In 2020, Dan completed his certification in Design Thinking from The Hong Kong Polytechnics University in 2021. Combined with his extensive marketing, brand and product development background combined with his knowledge of print media, ecom, digital media, web, UX, packaging, and process development puts Dan well beyond the average definition of an omnichannel expert and gives him an unparalleled perspective and knowledge base that is hard to find in the global market.

Dan considers himself a learner, a peoples person and a multilingual global citizen. The diverse toolsets and knowledge base gives him an edge in strategic problem solving, managing unpredictability and organizational change while being able to maintain focus, excel and innovate under high-pressure high-pace cross-functional environments. He is not only capable of navigating his team and organization through the emerging challenges of the 21st century but also cause disruption-on-demand for result oriented customer experience and ROI.